Golf Team

2012 Golf Teams


Team A

Kathlyn S

Jung Min H (Tue)

Jaclyn A

Nicole M (Thur)

Hannah D

Mel L (Thur)

Dana P

Danielle K (Tue)


Team B

Megan P

Chantale B

Christie M

Alex M

Rhea T

Keira H (Thur)

Marissa A (Tue)

Adrianna P (Thur)

Hannah T (Tue)

Yeji H (Alternate)


Fall 2011 Provincial Champs!



This is the team that will become a legend in Neepawa. Not just because they won, but mostly because of the pizza!


Spring Golf League 2011



Some fun pictures from May 24th.



Here are the jacket and shirt options. The shirt will be $42.00 including SMA crest on left chest, the jacket will be $46.00, including crest on left chest, hopefully with the word GOLF under the crest. Please let me know right away if you wish to order, what you would like, and sizes. Please make checks payable to St. Mary's Academy. Thanks.





No golf on Tuesday, May 3rd. Rounds resume May 5th. Way to go on the opening rounds. You can check out the team standings at this site


Our last training session will be on Monday, May 2 from 5-7pm.


Below is a calendar with dates and times that you are playing. This is subject to change. Please see Mr. Villa right away if there is a known conflict.





Our first training session at Golf Town will be on Tuesday, April 5th from 6-8pm. Bring your gear.




Provincial Golf Team 2010 Edition - 2nd place finish.

Way to go girls, cool shirts as well! Keep practicing all winter, spring is just around the corner.


Provincial Golf Team 2009 - First Place


Provincial Champs 3 years in a row. Way to go girls!


Provincial Golf Team 2008 - First Place


Shirts are not as cool as the 2010 team, but good work girls.


Provincial Golf Team 2007 - First Place


Cold, wet year. We almost got frostbite on the practice round.