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Oxygen Rosie

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By: Rosie Garcea












What Is an Atomic number? 

An Atomic number is the number of protons in one atom of a particular element. The Atomic number for Oxygen is 8. Because each Oxygen atom contains 8 protons in it's nucleus.


What is Atomic Mass? 

Atomic Mass is the mass of the atom expressd in atomic mass units. It is equivalent to the number of protons and neutrons in the atom. The Atomic Mass number for Oxygen is 15.9994 amu.





Why the Human Body Needs Oxygen:  

* Metabolize the food you eat 

* Fuel your muscles 

* Fuel your brain 

* Clean toxins out of your body 

* Support your Immune system




Examples of Oxygen: 

1. Human Respiration. Many medical conditions provide oxygen therapy for people who have troubles breathing( oxygen tanks) The two main medical conditions that are very widespread are emphysema or pneumonia . Which are both the most common lung diseases. 

2. Oxygen gas is poisonous to bacteria that causes gangrene. Therefore, it is used to kill them. 

3. Oxygen gas is also used to treat carbon monoxide poisoning.

4. Pure oxygen is also used in space suits so that astronauts can breath. Scuba tanks also contain oxygen, although it usually mixed with regular air too. 


5. Rockets use liquid oxygen to burn fuel and generate lift.

Oxygen is used to treat water and cut and weld metals.


What Lack of Oxygen may do to you: 

* Poor concentration

* Very poor muscle endurance and power towards physical activity or motion

*Circulation problems

* Dizziness

* Depression *Very poor digestion







Interesting Facts  

* Every breath you take your body is taking in Oxygen molecules. Every single living organism

* Oxygen is the most important nutrient for the cells in the human body and plays a basic role in every bodily function. 

* If you breathe to much Oxygen you could die. 

* Oxygen on the periodic table is colorless  

* It is a proven fact that every single human being could live without food and water for days but only a few minutes without Oxygen. 



























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