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Lithium Taylor

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                                                                                              2 Lithium 


Lithium is mixed with many different oils to make all-purpose and high tempature lubricants , Lithium is also found and used in dry cells and storage batteries. Lastly, some Lithium based compounds are also found in some drugs to treat manic-depressive disorders and bi-polar disorders. 




other information and facts about the element are:

  • it was discovered in 1817 in Arfvedson , Sweden 
  • its density is 0.534
  • the orgin of the word " Lithium " is Greek and comes from the word Lithos which means stone
  • it is atomic number 3
  • its apperance is a soft, silver metal  

A atomic number is the number of protons in a nucleus, which determines the chemical properties of an element and its place on the periodic table. Lithiums atomic number is 3, this means that Lithium contains 3 protons in the nucleus. 


6 Atomic mass is , the mass of an atom expressed in mass units. Lithiums atomic mass is 6.94



Bibliography for pictures:

Bibliography for information:







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