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Titanium Christine

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1.    http://www.webelements.com/_media/icons/symbols/Ti.jpg                                                                                                                                                          

2. Titanium



Titanium is used in jewelery, like in rings. It is lustrous, which makes it appealing and good for jewelery.   

Titanium is excellent for structural purposes, like in pipes. It has high strength and great corrosion resistant, making it suitable for outdoors. 


Many aircraft are mostly made of titanium. Because of its low density, titanium is light and also strong and is therefore very useful to air crafts carrying heavy loads.


4. Titanium Facts:

 -Titanium is expensive, mainly because of the process of extracting it.

 - It is one of the most common structural metals found in earth's crust.

 - Has high temperature resistance.

 -Low thermal conductivity.

  - Low electrical conductivity.

 - One of the most used metals.

 - Is not magnetic, but paramagnetic. (has unpaired electrons)  


5. The Atomic Number

The atomic number of an element equals how many protons are in that atom. Titanium's atomic number is 22.


6. The Atomic Mass

The atomic mass is the number of protons and neutrons in an atom. Titanium's average atomic mass is about 47.867


Two main methods of extracting titanium:

(no volume needed)

Kroll Method (0:09-3:00)

The Kroll method is one of the main methods today of extracting titanium is named after William J. Kroll. This process takes a long time and is expensive and inefficient, that's why titanium costs a lot. First, ilmenite, the titanium ore, is turned into a gas. Then chlorine and magnesium is added. After, the MgCl2 is separated. The titanium sponge is then broken up and gets crushed. Then it is basicallymelted down into a rod and can be shaped however by heating it again at high temperatures.

Armstrong method

The Armstrong method is basically the same as the Kroll method, but involves less steps. Most of the same chemicals are used but the titanium is probably weaker because of the compaction. However there is no melting, which probably also causes it to be weaker, but the Armstrong method does not waste the titanium.


Two titanium atoms were walking down the street. One turns to the other and says, "Oh, no! I think I'm an ion!"

The other responds, "Are you sure?!?"

"Yes, I'm positive!"


A titanium neutron walks into a restaurant and orders a couple of cokes. As she is about to leave, she asks the waiter how much she owes.

The waiter replies, "For you, No Charge!!!"


Why did Titanium marry Oxygen?

"They bonded well from the minute they met!"

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