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Argon Mary

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argon is used in:

  • light bulbs- used to protect the filament
  • glass panels as glazing- used a double or triple glazing 
  • medical lasers- helps with laser eye surgery


A few cool facts about Argon are:

  • It's the first noble gas to be found
  • It was found by Sir Henry Cavendish
  • It is also found in air. Argon is 0.7% air 


What is atomic number:

  • Atomic number is the amount of protons in the nucleus of an atom


What is Argon atomic number:

  • Argon's atomic number is  18


What is atomic mass:

  • The mass of an atom of an chemical element that is represented in atomic mass units


What is Argon's atomic mass:

  • Argon's atomic mass is 39.948edu













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