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Beryllium Josie

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Interesting Facts:


  • Beryllium was founded by Louis-Nicholas Vauqelin first on 1798
  • Only three countries in the world process beryllium currently:
    • United States
    • China
    • Kazakhstan
  •  Beryllium is the 44th most plentiful element found in the earth's crust
  • The classification of beryllium is Alkaline Earth
  • The symbol for beryllium is Be



 Everyday Items Beryllium Is Used In:       

  • Beryllium is used in portable electronic devices, connectors in cell phones and battery contracts. Beryllium is used in these products because it is very durable, it is not corrosive and it can function in all types of weather and temperature. 
  • Beryllium in foil form is used in x-ray equipment. beryllium is used because it can function in the heat, it is transparent and because it is very solid and powerful.
  • Beryllium also is used when analyzing blood. It is in the equipment that helps look for diseases such as HIV and aids. It is very reliable and precis which is great for the patients needs.

Beryllium X-ray window sheet



What is an Atomic Number/What is Berylliums Atomic Number :

  • An atomic number is the number of protons that are in the atoms nucleus.

  • It determines where the element place is on the periodic table and what chemical properties it has.

  • Berylliums is fourth on the periodic table because it atomic number is four.



What is Atomic Mass/ What is Berylliums Average Atomic Mass:

  • Atomic Mass is the amount of neutrons and protons added together in an atom 
    • For example: Protons+Neutrons= Atomic Number 
  • Berylliums average atomic mass is 9.012182



  • Watch only up to 6:08
  • This is a short video is about the uses of beryllium, the geology of beryllium and where it comes from



I got an atomic number of 4 
And I am quite a bore 
I’m not very fast 
But I sure can scratch glass 

I am from the Greek 
And once referred to as sweet 
I am very light-weight 
So please, don’t use me as a paper weight 

I am gray and strong 
And can go pretty long 
Without getting heated 
Melted or eaten 

I’ve been in outer space 
And I couldn’t wait to get back from that place 
I can go quite a while without getting oxidized 
So if you got time, stop by and say “hi” 

By: Nick Jensen







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Mr. J Villa said

at 1:03 pm on Nov 4, 2012

Good work. Could have written your own poem.

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