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Chromium Ellyse

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This is a video telling you about different types of foods that you can find chromium in. As well, it tells you about benefits of chromium for your health. 







Chromium has lots of uses because it is very magnetic as well, it is very durable.

You can find chromium in foods. Such as: bran cereals, molasses, spices and some whole grain breads. Also, you can take chromium as a multivitamin. Below, there is a picture of vitamins that say “sugar balance”because it is believed that chromium can help raise blood sugar.

Because of its durability, chromium was used to create better cassette tapes. Chromium dioxide was used on the actual tape as a magnet to record whatever the tape was recording.






Varying amounts of chromium is also in stainless steel. So anything that is stainless steel is made of chromium. Such as cookware, jewelry, sinks etc. it is good to make these items out stainless steel because of its durability and it wears for a very long time. Therefore, to have items made out of stainless steel is very low maintenance .




 Additional facts:

Chromium was discovered by a chemist named Nicolas Louis Vauquelin. He discovered crocoite, and by boiling it down, it turned into chromic acid. It was named after the Greek word: “chroma” because it can change into a lot of different, beautiful colours.




What is an atomic number? What is chromium’s atomic number?

“The atomic number is the number of protons in the nucleus of an atom, which determains the chemical properties of an element and its place in the periodic table”


Chromium’s atomic number is 24.


What is atomic mass? What is chromium’s atomic mass?

The atomic mass is almost the same as the number of protons and neutrons in the atom.

Chromium’s atomic mass is 51.996.



































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