Atomic number: 50
Atomic mass: 118.71 
 Tin is used to coat other metals to prevent corrosion. Tin plate over steel is use to make cans for food. Some of the important alloys of tin are soft solder, fusible metal, type metal, bronze, pewter, Babbitt metal, bell metal, die casting alloy, White metal, and phosphor bronze.
Tin has a melting point at 231.9681°C and there is 22 isotopes of tin that is known to man, Molten tin is used to float molten glass to produce window glass.
Fun Facts:

-At normal temperatures tin is malleable but acquires brittleness when cooled.

-Tin forms an alloy with lead. The alloy is called spotted metal. Lead cools a little earlier giving the surface a dappled effect. This phenomenon gave the alloy its name. Another important alloy of tin is the one with copper. It is bronze.

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